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Full-Time Upgrade (Oct 2013)

A number of changes to Full-Time have been installed on Tuesday 22nd October, in particular enhancing the functionality for auto-emails.

Download/Open  Full-Time Version 4.1 Enhancements

The following updates have been made to Full-Time, and are referred to as Version 4.1.

Version 4-2 Enhancements Guide.

1) Competitions can now set a Reply-To Email address for auto-emails.

2) Fixture/Referee Auto-Emails now include a hyperlink to the fixture concerned on Full-Time.

3) Auto-Emails can now be set up to send out weekly reminders, triggering a reminder on a regular day/time and covering all fixtures for a specified time period in the future (e.g. 7 days, 14 days).

4) Auto-Email reminders can now also be triggered instantly, for specified competitions, clubs or teams.

5) Auto-Emails can now be edited to include competition specific text at the bottom of the auto-email.

6) Auto-Emails can now include links to documents stored within Full-Time, which can be configured to be included on auto-emails according to the competition and the role of the recipient.

7) Referees' Contact Details (email address and telephone numbers) may also be included on Auto-Emails. Individual Referees may have their Contact details configured so that their contacts are not included as required.

Full details of these enhancements, including the changes made to Full-Time during September 2013 and November 2013 can be found by clicking on the Version 4-2 Enhancements.

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