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Full-Time Upgrade (26th Nov 2013)

Various changes to Full-Time have been added in November, enhancing Cup SMS reporting, the addition of "Champions League" format for cup competitions and allowing leagues to select different player stats for different fixture groups.

Download/Open  Full-Time Version 4-3 Enhancements

The following updates have been made to Full-Time, and are referred to as Version 4.3. These are included on pages 11-17 of the Full-Time Version 4.3 Enhancements Guide (pages 1-10 cover the enhancements which formed Version 4.1, released in September and October 2013).

The enhancements added during November 2013 have been added in two groups, early in November the enhancements covered on pages 11-16 were added, with the enhancements on page 17 added at the end of the month.

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