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Hertford Heath First

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L 20/08/22 15:00 Hertford Heath First VS Hatfield Town First ST MARGARETSBURY FC
L 27/08/22 15:00 Royston Town FC U23 VS Hertford Heath First ROYSTON TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB

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Zack Abdelhamid

Lewis Casey

Louis Daymond

Gary Henniker

Alexis Krzykala

Thomas Lynskey

Jamie Marshall

Luke McCurry

Mark McElligot

Jake Mcintosh

Joe McQuaid

Darryl Millham

Luthan Oyejobi

Aidan Rampton

Peter Reilly

Stachys Scott

Liam Smith

Jonathan Tanton

Carl Thompson

Joshua Tilley

Conner Tokely

Jamie Turner

Joseph Walker