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Lifton 1st

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PREM 20/08/22 14:30 Dobwalls Reserves VS Lifton 1st LANTOOM PARK
PREM 27/08/22 14:30 Lifton 1st VS Bodmin Town Seconds LIFTON QEII RECREATION GROUND
PREM 03/09/22 14:30 Southgate Seniors First VS Lifton 1st LAUNCESTON COLLEGE

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Jakob Benning

Carwyn Bluett

Oliver Brown

Jared Burns

Kenny Channing

Craig Charnock

Max Deeble

Oliver Dickinson

Samuel Eaton

Connor Everitt

Ralph Finnimore

William Finnimore

Ben Ford

Leon Fowler

Asher Gallimore

Daniel Gerry

Roger Gorst

Steven Hill

Andrew Hirons

Christopher Hoare

Daniel Hoare

Benjamin hodge

Nicholas Jeffery

Will Johnson

Jonathan Kappes

Alex Lowe

Trevor Manning

Jordan Mason

Josh Mayne

Connor McIntosh


Isaac Parnell

Andrew Penn

Darren Renshaw

Lee Robinson

Barry Rutherford

Adam Smith

Steve Stoppard

Jacob Todd

Leon Trudgeon

Sean Tucker

Xander Turnbull

Yilvi Uraj

Blair Vanstone

Cameron Wallace

John Wallace

Paul Wearing

Darren Webber

Ashley Welsh

Charlie Wevill