Ealandians III

Ealandians III

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L 03/09/22 14:00 Leeds City IV VS Ealandians III ADEL SPORTS AND SOCIAL CLUB #3
L 10/09/22 14:00 Ealandians III VS Middleton Park Res Elland CC #2

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Jamie Arundle

Lee Barrowcliff

Brett Charlesworth

martin coldwell

Martin Eland

Kieran Evans

Thomas Gilbody

Paul Goodhall

Andy Hawker

Daniel Haydock

Andrew Holden

Lewis Holt

Andy Hudson

Harrison Keegan

Ehsan Mahmood

Ollie McEwan

Ben Mcparland

kian miller

Obaid Mirza

Mark Neill

James Parkinson

Jonny Pickles

Jordan Rothery

Michael Ruthven

Oliver Sharpe

Ross Shirtliffe

Andrew Stevens

James Symonds

Kyle Taylor

Bayley Tyndall

James Wilkinson

Paolo Williams