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Type Date / Time Home Team Away Team Venue
Prem 27/07/24 15:00 Bearsted First VS Stansfeld First OTHAM SPORTS GROUND
O 03/08/24 15:00 Badshot Lea VS Stansfeld First Krooner Park
Prem 10/08/24 15:00 Snodland Town First VS Stansfeld First POTYNS SPORTS GROUND
Prem 14/08/24 19:45 Stansfeld First VS VCD Athletic FC First GLEBE FC
Prem 24/08/24 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Holmesdale First GLEBE FC
Prem 26/08/24 15:00 Fisher First VS Stansfeld First ST PAULS SPORTS GROUND
Prem 31/08/24 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Glebe 1st team GLEBE FC
Prem 03/09/24 19:45 Tunbridge Wells First VS Stansfeld First CULVERDEN STADIUM
Prem 07/09/24 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Hollands & Blair GLEBE FC
Prem 10/09/24 19:45 Erith & Belvedere FC First team VS Stansfeld First PARK VIEW ROAD STADIUM
Prem 14/09/24 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Kennington First GLEBE FC
Prem 24/09/24 19:45 Corinthian FC First VS Stansfeld First CORINTHIANS SPORTS CLUB
Prem 28/09/24 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Whitstable Town FC First GLEBE FC
Prem 05/10/24 15:00 Lydd Town First VS Stansfeld First THE LINDSEY FIELD
Prem 23/10/24 19:45 Stansfeld First VS Rusthall First GLEBE FC
Prem 26/10/24 15:00 Faversham Town FC First VS Stansfeld First FAVERSHAM TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB
Prem 02/11/24 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Lordswood AFC First GLEBE FC
Prem 09/11/24 15:00 Punjab United First SCEFL VS Stansfeld First ELITE VENUE SPORTS GROUND
Prem 16/11/24 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Sutton Athletic First GLEBE FC
Prem 30/11/24 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Larkfield & New Hythe GLEBE FC
Prem 07/12/24 15:00 VCD Athletic FC First VS Stansfeld First VCD ATHLETIC CLUB
Prem 14/12/24 15:00 Kennington First VS Stansfeld First HOMELANDS STADIUM
Prem 21/12/24 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Corinthian FC First GLEBE FC
Prem 28/12/24 15:00 Holmesdale First VS Stansfeld First HOLMESDALE FOOTBALL CLUB
Prem 04/01/25 15:00 Whitstable Town FC First VS Stansfeld First WHITSTABLE TOWN FC
Prem 11/01/25 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Bearsted First GLEBE FC
Prem 25/01/25 15:00 Glebe 1st team VS Stansfeld First GLEBE FC
Prem 08/02/25 15:00 Larkfield & New Hythe VS Stansfeld First LARKFIELD SPORTS CLUB
Prem 15/02/25 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Erith & Belvedere FC First team GLEBE FC
Prem 22/02/25 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Snodland Town First GLEBE FC
Prem 01/03/25 15:00 Sutton Athletic First VS Stansfeld First LOWER ROAD SPORTS FIELD
Prem 08/03/25 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Faversham Town FC First GLEBE FC
Prem 15/03/25 15:00 Rusthall First VS Stansfeld First JOCKEY FARM STADIUM
Prem 22/03/25 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Fisher First GLEBE FC
Prem 29/03/25 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Lydd Town First GLEBE FC
Prem 05/04/25 15:00 Hollands & Blair VS Stansfeld First STAR MEADOW SPORTS CLUB
Prem 12/04/25 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Tunbridge Wells First GLEBE FC
Prem 21/04/25 15:00 Stansfeld First VS Punjab United First SCEFL GLEBE FC
Prem 26/04/25 15:00 Lordswood AFC First VS Stansfeld First LORDSWOOD SPORT AND SOCIAL CLUB

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Kent Senior Trophy

12/10/24 15:00 Forest Hill Park FC VS Stansfeld FC Forest Hill Park First

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Christopher Alhassan

Oliver Andrews

Ibrahim Barrie

Frankie Beale

Jack Edward Beerling

Muhammad Ashraf Haroun Buhari

Joshua George Crispin

Mohamed Deen

Harrison English

Leighton Fanshawe

Ollie Farmer

George Hook

Robert Hughes

Stefhan Kempton

George Lush

Jack Mahon

Frank McCormack

Harvey Mead

Jamie Miller

Joe Minter

Archie Albert Panyi

Jude Salmon

Billy Shinners

Reiss Skeen

Greg Williams