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Cup Rules 2011 - 2012

  • 15/02/12
  • By Debbie Sowton
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Cup Rules - the important bits!


A) All players of competing teams must be properly registered in accordance with Competition Rule 8. Any player signed on or before 1st September of the current season and correctly registered shall be eligible to play. Players signed and registered after 1st September must have played at least one game in MVFL League or MVFL Cup games for that Club prior to the relevant Cup round(s) in the current season. No player(s) shall be signed on, on the day of the Cup matches.

To play in a Semi-Final a player must have played in three MVFL League or MVFL Cup matches or a combination of
both for that Club in the current season. To play in a final a player must have been eligible to play for that Club in the

C) In the case of postponed or replayed matches, only such players shall be allowed to play as were eligible on the
original date.

D) No player shall be eligible to take part in Division 2, 3, 4 and 5 Cup Competitions who has played in the Hampshire
Senior Cup or other comparable Senior Cups in the current season.

E) (i) In the case of a Club having teams in two or more Divisions a player who has played in the Dave Blunt Memorial
Trophy for either team in the current season, shall not be eligible to play in the Dave Blunt Memorial Trophy for any other team in the same season.

(ii) In the case of a Club having teams in two or more Divisions a player who has played in the divisional Cup for
the higher team shall not be eligible to play in the divisional Cup relating to the team in the lower Division.

F) A player transferred to another Club in the Competition will be eligible to play for the new Club after playing three
Competition matches provided he has not already played in any Meon Valley Football League Cup Competition during the current season, and that the conditions of Rules 2 (b), (c) and (d) are observed.

G) The qualifications of each team shall be vouched for by the Club’s Secretary or some responsible Officer of the
Club, who shall, prior to the match, give on the Official Form approved by the Competition a list of names of players taking part in the game, to the Club Secretary or a responsible Officer of the opposing team. Clubs failing to comply with this rule shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £5.00.

H) Protests respecting eligibility of players must be lodged with the League Secretary in writing within seven days,
accompanied by a deposit of £5.00 for each protest (i.e. for each player concerned) which shall be retained or otherwise as directed by the Management Committee.

A Club proved to have played an unregistered or otherwise ineligible player shall be fined a sum of not less than £6.00 and not more the £20.00 and be removed from the Competition.


A) The ties shall be drawn and the matches played on the ground of the first Named Club on dates to be determined by the Management Committee. (In the event of their ground not being available/unfit the Management Committee reserves the right to reverse the tie after the match has been appointed on TWO occasions. The tie will be played on the ground of their opponents). All pitch fees and referees fees and expenses shall be shared by both Clubs in all rounds of the Cups.

Clubs shall be fined £10.00 if ½ Match costs have not been paid to the home team within 7 days of the match
being played and thereafter doubling every complete week it has not been paid (with a maximum of £40.00).
Unless there is a dispute over the costs between Clubs then the matter will be referred to the Management
Committee whose decision shall be binding upon all parties subject to Clause 15 (f). Semi Finals to be played on
the ground of the home drawn club and pitch and match official’s to be shared by both clubs.