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Bad Weather Instructions

  • 06/01/16
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GYAFL: Bad Weather Instructions

In the event of any bad weather which may impact on GYAFL matches, Clubs MUST follow League Rule 10 F (iii) covering postponements.

These summary instructions have been provided to be followed if a Club is of the opinion that a home match should be postponed:
1.Check your pitch as early as possible, particularly if your opponents have some distance to travel. If possible call in a qualified referee to check the pitch, but if this is not possible, a Club Official should check the pitch and make a decision about whether it is playable.
2.If the pitch is deemed unplayable, the HOME Club should contact their Opponents Club Secretary and offer to switch the fixture to their opponent's pitch if available AND playable (and as long as the corresponding away fixture has not already been played)
3.If the opponents pitch is available and playable and agreed with their Club Secretary, please also notify the League Referees Secretary and Results Secretary of the change of venue.
4.Both clubs involved in the postponed fixture shall submit a written explanation to the Fixture Secretary at the earliest opportunity. Any Club not providing a written report within SEVEN days of the match shall be fined £10.00

Although not mandatory, it is suggested that Clubs liaise via their Club Secretaries if there is any doubt about whether a fixture may be postponed due to bad weather - which may save wasted journeys.