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  • 05/04/21
  • By Steve Conteh
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The DJM League Resumes on the 17th April 2021

1. The League Season shall resume on Saturday 17th April 2021. Starting on this date allows time for some training sessions and/or a friendly beforehand and also means no one is playing over Easter.

2. If games are cancelled due to Covid outbreak at school (and meet existing rules) these games will be re-arranged.

3. There will be relegation and promotion, but the League will consider the circumstances of the season when reviewing for 2021/22 season to try and ensure that teams do not end up in an inappropriate League based on their playing ability. League rules do already cover this.

4. We have until the end of June to complete fixtures but we if possible aim to get the leagues completed by no later than mid-June and ideally end of May. We are trying not to have too many evening games but if teams, after fixtures are issued, wish to bring forward games and play a fixture as an evening game the League would encourage this (subject to guidance)

5. There will be no Cup Competition for the 2020-21 Season.

6. There will be a proposed change relating to transfers. We propose a special transfer window
for all age groups U7- U18's from 29th March to 15th April 2021.
No Notice of approaches must go in before 29th March 2021 and they must be on WGS no later than the 15th April 2021.
The notice of Approach must be emailed to the Parent club and
Only when the Notice of Approach elapses or the Parent club can it be put onto WGS for League processing. Please note due to our League Rules we need to seek consent from every Club to bring this Rule to the meeting this Thursday evening as we have not provided the recommended notice period for it to be considered.

7. The League expects Clubs to prioritise their pitches for League games over friendlies and this will also be the case for council pitches. Clubs wishing to arrange friendlies on council pitches will need to go through a League official.


Council Pitches can be booked for friendlies between the 3rd April 2021 and the 15th April 2021
All council pitch bookings to be made by contacting Sarah Brooks via email