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2019/2020 Season Conclusion

  • 27/04/20
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League Conclusion to the 2019 / 2020 Season

As a number of you will be aware, due to the Covid 19 epidemic the FA took the decision to cancel the 2019/2020 Season.

Your Club Secretary may have forwarded correspondence from the league with regards to how CAWJL was going to conclude the Season and also the Division standings that the league management have agreed upon.
Attached is a copy of the League Standings, these are named as Top Team & Nearly Top Team, as you will see, a number of divisions have joint Top Teams and joint Nearly Top Teams and has been decided upon as being a fair format.
These standings are final and are not to be contested, as advised to club secretaries in the email sent out on Tuesday 21st April, these are only being advised to bring what the league believe to be the only and just way to conclude the season.

The medals are on order and will be distributed when the league receives them and is able to do so.

Just in case you were wondering how the league arrived at these the formula was:

Average the points scored by the games played.
Then checked each division to find out which team had played the most games. Then worked out the difference between the number of games played by that team by the number of games played by each team.
Multiplied this number by the average points scored and then added the result from this calculation to the points already scored during the season.
This then formulated the standings.
Teams that were within 1 or 2 points held joint titles and if a division had 3 teams within 1 or 2 points and the fourth by more than 3 points off then no Nearly Top for that division.

League Division Standings - Download / Open