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Most frequently asked questions ?

  • 05/09/07
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click here to see the most commonly asked questions in our league

Q.WHY does DEVON FA need ID cards ?
A. Football across the country are being asked to set up a database with all players registered. Devon County FA are keen to push this project forward.
Clubs are requested to complete the required paperwork and to provide photo"s of the players in their teams.
This has been requested to be completed by 01.07.08, which we all agree was very little notice, in fact some clubs are still waiting for their CD. All we can ask is that you try to complete the requirement asap and forward ton to county.

Q.How many subs can we use in each game ?
A. you can name 5 and use 5, they are also rolling, meaning they can come back on after being substituted.

Q. do we play all games at 10.30 am ?
A. No, the computer needs a time against each game, you as the home team can play the game when it suits you, as long as its between 10.30 and 3.30 pm kick off.

Q. If i have less than 11 players can i cancel the game.
A. No, unless you have less than 9 players on the pitch you must still play the game, You are expected to have a big enough squad to cover for a few players not being able to play. The committee will then review the situation and act accordingly, by awarding the points, or by rescheduling the game if seen fit to do so depending on the reasons behind not playing.
(updated 09.07.08)

Q. who do i send the registration forms too and also the team sheets ?
A. to the age group co-ordinator. these people are named on the league contacts web page, please call them to get their address.

Q.can i register a player after sending in the bulk of my team ?
A. Yes, you have the option of signing on a maximum of 3 players on match day, as long as you get the aposing manager and the referee to sign the back of the resisration form BEFORE the game is played. Please then post them to your co-ordinator with the team sheet from the game. Last player can be registered up to 28.FEB each season..UNLESS he/she has moved into the area, then the commitee will consider all new players

Q. in the cup competition, do we play extra time or do we have a replay ?
A. all cup games are played to a result, no replays. Extra time is played on the day , followed by penalties if needed.
in mini soccer its 5 mins each way extra time
u/12-u/14, 10 mins each way and
u/15-u/16 we have 15 mins each way extra time.
Penalties are as per FA rules.

Q.Can a player play for more than one age group ?
A. No, ANY player is only allowed to sign on for one club AND only play in one age group, you cannot switch from team to team.

Q. A player is already playing with another team and is unhappy, he/she wants to move to our club, what do we do ?
A, You need a transfer form, these will be sent on request,or downloaded from the web page, once the season has started, you have to get both managers to sign the form, the team he is playing for and the team he wished to play with. Then post it to the co-ordinator, with the transfer fee £5, BEFORE he plays. If any one refuses to sign, then the league will serve 7 days notice on your behalf and follow the same procedure.

Q. if 2 or more teams are equal on points at the end of the season, how do we decide who wins the league ?
A. We do not encourage any team to "hammer" another team. goal difference does not count , winning 1-0 still gains you 3 points. If level on points then we go on the results of the games involving the teams who are level. if we still cannot get a conclusion then we will have a play-off against each other.
Q. what size pitch do we have at u/11 9 a side ?
A, 80 x 50 metres, usually played from penalty box to penalty box
Q. how long do we play at u/ 9?
A. 20 mins each way as we are still mini soccer
Q. why are all the team names in lower case and not in capital letters
A. the North devon journal need lower case to be able to cut and paste the league tables each week.

Q. in mini soccer how from away from free kicks should players stand ?
A 5 yards, 4.15 meters from the free kicks
Q. whats the back pass rule in mini soccer ?
A. AS in normal football, if deliberately passed back to the keeper, he/she is not allowed to handle the ball, if they do its a a free kick. note deliberately., in the opinion of the referee, not the manager or players !!!
Q, how long are the games at each age group
A.u/9,u/10, 15 mins each way
u/11, 9 a side, 20 min each way
u/12 30 mins each way
u/13,u/14 35 mins each wayu/15,
u/16 40 mins each way

more to follow, when i get asked !!
cheers for now