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Disipline-what to do -click here

  • 19/11/07
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Do you report the players that have been cautioned or sent -off?

qestion;- what do the league do about children getting cautions or sent-off ?
Answer. As a league we can and must not do anything.All disiplinary issues are delt with by Devon FA , they have the power to act, not the league.
Whom so ever referees the game must report any and all cautions to Devon HQ, this will then be actioned by the correct people in a consistance manner.
The person acting as referee has the same responsibility as a qualified ref, to control the game according to the laws of the game and to report mis-conduct. Its the only way we will remove the lack of respect shown towards match officals at all standards.
County have a system that is a proven system, we therefore must abide by the rules.
The league fully support the personnal that are referees and those who ref games as "the referee" and encourage them to report ALL cases, remember, failure to do so is actually not helping you. When you go out again next week and you think about issueing a caution, players will say " you did"nt send it in last week, so i dont care "!! Be consistant, if we all follow the laws we will help to improve youth football in North Devon from the already high standard to an exemplary one.
WE need referee"s, do not abuse them, or we will lose them!!! for good.