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Club Referee Session

  • 13/11/16
  • By Jim Hill
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have someone on hand at your club who can referee the game should a referee not be appointed, or not arrive

We are going to provide all of our clubs and teams the opportunity to join us for a CLUB REFEREE session.

We are going to hold two sessions, one in the Sudbury area and the other in Haverhill. This should help make it more convenient to attend one or the other.

One at the Acton Club House on Wednesday 23rd November 7.00pm until 9.00pm

The other at Haverhill Rovers on Wednesday 7th December 7.00pm until 9.00pm

We can't force you to attend we know, but ideally we'd like every club to send 1/2 people along. This could be your club linesman or someone who might be interested in refereeing.

If we can get you to send people it should give more confidence in those refereeing when we can't get an independent referee.

Please will you let me know names of people attending and the selected venue.

If you can't find anyone then also please let me know.