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Player Transfer Guidance

  • 27/09/23
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The FA Seven Day Approach Rule

Once the 7-day Approach Rule has been followed, the club/player can then complete the league transfer.


A. You want to speak to or approach a player signed with another club about signing for you.

• A manager wishing to speak to a player about joining their team, when the player is already registered with another team, MUST ask their club secretary to write to the secretary of the players current club given seven days’ formal written notice of their intention to transfer the player. This must include the League registration secretary in copy.

• Written notice must be acknowledged within 7 days. This can be waived if the current players club secretary is happy to do so. The secretary of the player’s current club e-mails will be used to provide a receipt of acknowledgement is also obtained.

• Once an agreement is made, the current club should de-register the names player via the whole game system, and the new club can register the new player via the whole game system.

• You can only approach two players in the same team at any one time unless the current club is in agreement that more than two players can transfer to the requesting team. The registration secretary should be copied into to all correspondence.

• You cannot approach another player in the same team within 28 days of an earlier notice of approach or acknowledgement.

• There is a £10 transfer fee per player that will be invoiced by the league.

More information on the league transfer process via the whole game system can be found using this link: