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Closing of the 2019-20 Season

  • 02/05/20
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Confirmation that all results from 2019-2020 season are Void - due to COVID19

Dear All H&DJGFL Teams,

We hope you are all well & safe with your families – please remain so throughout these unprecedented times & we will all be stronger on the other side of this terrible disease.

To confirm, on the recommendation of the FA, in order to apply as much consistency as possible throughout the Country, the H&DJGFL LMC have decided to take the measures that we expunge (void) the season 2019-2020. Due sadly & unfortunately to the World crisis.

This means the following:

- It treats all teams the same.
- It stops any possible arguments over teams having any sort of advantage/disadvantage due to fixtures not be completed.
- It ensures the Harrogate Boys & Girls Leagues treat their shared member Clubs with the same consistency.
- No medals or trophies will be issued this season as expungement means all fixtures are nil & void & everything will be set to nil points & no results registered.

It is disappointing for everyone involved in the game that this situation has occurred but, not surprising given the weight of events.

We hope that players, Managers, Coaches and parents will remember the football that has been possible this season & can at least take enjoyment from that as consolation.

For teams who would like to obtain records of this season’s playing record in the U12 and U14 Divisions, The LMC gave notice & the opportunity to access records & League positions prior to them being expunged, This has now been carried out but records have been kept by the LMC for future reference if required/requested.

It looks as if it might be sometime before we have a meeting of any description , but we think we should still plan for maybe a May or June online AGM for now. To review on a monthly basis with further decisions/announcements later this month, based on what we know then & monthly until football is allowed to operate again.

We would like to thank you all for your patience & understanding & urge you all to stay safe & well.

In the meantime & on behalf of the LMC we hope you and all your loved ones continue to stay safe & thank you for all your kind wishes & support throughout this season - it has been most appreciated by all of us at the LMC for the hard work we all put into giving us our great girls football in our area.

Yours sincerely,

Keith J Thompson

(Harrogate & District JGFL – League Secretary)