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Beitler Cup Final

  • 14/04/18
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Uplands Town 4, Recreativo Romford 4 (2-4 on pens)

It's fair to say that this final may not be beaten for sheer drama. It had absolutely everything and the approximate 300 people in attendance will have walked away, marvelled at the entertainment.

Personally I'd like to say a thank you to all three teams on the day for their admirable approach, tremendous application of both the play and laws. Uplands showed why they are best in the division with their enterprising play which tore into Romford and the scoreline reading 4-1, was no less than they deserved.

Tivo later admitted that soon after pulling back to 3-1, but only to ship one in at the other end was the lowest they felt but galvanised their resolve and spirit to throw everything forward in the hope of pulling it back.

With inspired substitutions and an aerial bombardment aimed at disrupting the system Uplands had so well established, the gap closed with each advancing minute.

With the score at 4-3 and the clocks ticking towards 90 minutes, the fourth official held up the added minutes board, indicating the additional six minutes of play beyond normal time.

With barely seconds to play, a set piece was crafted carefully into the area and found the head of the attacking team and all held their breath as the ball found the feet of the open Tivo player to joyful place the ball into the far corner for a simply stunning equaliser. 4-4!!

Extra time was just a question of not giving the ball away so no surprise that the extra period was devoid of goalmouth action.

Into penalties and the lottery of the spot kicks meant that it was nerve against bravery.

Simply put, Rec Romford keeper, Matt Dilworth not only confidently despatched one of the penalties, he proceeded to save two also, handing the treasured trophy to his jubilant teammates