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Cup Final Qualifications

  • 17/04/19
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Importance of Submitting Team Sheets

All those teams that have qualified for a Cup Final will now be sweating that their administration has been in order throughout the season.

Those missing sheets will or should have been issued a fine but also, each player for that missing day will not be included in the qualification stats. What a way to miss out on the Final!

Now I hope you understand how important it is to submit your teamsheet EVERY WEEK.

How difficult can it be to scan it on your phone and send it to Registrations Secretary and/or Bob?

No excuses. If it wasn't supplied on time, then please explain to your teams and disappointed players whose fault it is.

The Registrations Secretary (Paul Phipps) should have copies of each team sheet and all related enquiries are to go through him please. We have a list of the missing weeks as it stands.