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Release of League Directory 2022/23

  • 27/08/22
  • By David Gallagher
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All the contact and other related details you need for the season.

The LW&GFL directory 2022/23 has been released.

This has been placed on One Drive so we can keep it up to date throughout the season.You can find the spreadsheet on thefollowing link!AkpiIBTy_1LtjiflgHPHv4PxBIWP?e=G0MVWA .

The details are based initially on the information submitted on Formsite (parts 1 and 2) by each club. Many things have changed since then and, given the size of the task, it is possible that we have made some mistakes in pulling all the information together. Therefore we ask that each secretary or team manager checks their own team's details. If anything is incorrect, please let us know by your club secretary (not individual managers) contacting the league secretary at .

If when trying to contact someone else (for example your opponents in a week's time) the information is not there or is clearly out of date, please contact that club's secretary (details on a separate tab on the spreadsheet).

An excel spreadsheet has also been sent out to your club secretary in case you are having difficulty accessing the cloud-hosted version. Clearly this may become out of date as the season progresses but most of it will still be accurate.