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Postponement Process

  • 26/08/19
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We will try to accommodate Managers' wishes to postpone a match but, please, only do so if you're really unable to play the game.

1. Notify your opponents as soon as possible that you need to postpone the match.
2. Also notify the referee and Referee Secretary, if a ref was appointed to your game. Any postponement later than Thursday night will incur a fee unless due to an unplayable pitch.
3. Agree with your opponents a suitable date to reschedule the match, remembering to check pitch availability.
4. Phone or email (email preferred) Graham Stubbs, Fixture Secretary, and he will update Full-Time. 07775 541787,
5. In u12 to u18 divisions, the League reserves the right to award the game to the team not at fault for the postponement, dependant upon circumstances.
6. You cannot postpone a cup match or a tournament match for any reason. If you can't play you will forfeit the tie.