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Charter Standard Community Club

  • 06/04/14
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Wigginton Grasshoppers

The City of York Girls Football League would like to congratulate Wigginton Grasshoppers on achieving Charter Standard Community Club status.

Wigginton Grasshoppers have been recognised for their sterling work in developing grassroots football in the North Riding area with an emphasis on youth.
Four adult sides are ably supported by an infrastructure of no less than 17 youth sides - five male, two female and nine mini-soccer teams as well as a soccer tots group.
Mike Blacker, Chairman of Wigginton Grasshoppers, was delighted at the news and predicted big things in the near future for the club and the residents of Wigginton.
"The football club has come a long way in the last 12 months. The Governance committee has put in a lot hard work in to redesigning the club structure and five year development plan and we are very proud that our efforts have been rewarded with Chartered Standard Community Club status.
"However, this is only the start of our journey. Wigginton Grasshoppers has a five year plan to redevelop its facilities and move towards a sustainable football facility. This involves raising £50,000 over the next five years which will help us create a community football facility.
"This is a project to support the community not just the football club. Any redevelopment will not only have a positive impact on the current generation, but also the future generation of Wigginton residents to come."