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Jaffa Oranges Project

  • 19/02/14
  • By David Winterburn
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Jaffa Oranges Project

North Riding County FA and Jaffa are launching a project aimed at re-introducing half-time oranges back into kids' football.

Local teams can sign up now to a national scheme, which has been set up to bring back half-time oranges to kids’ football.

Local FAs are supporting the project, which is calling for children’s teams around the country to sign a pledge to bring back oranges at half time.
It was launched in Cambridgeshire in September, where local club St Ives Rangers was given half-time starter packs for all its children’s teams. They will get free half-time fruit for the whole of the 2013/14 season.
Teams can sign up for updates and competitions as well as vouchers for their own free or discounted half-time fruit at
Half-time starter packs – which contain a cool bag, containers for home and away sides, as well as fruit and information – are also being sent free to selected teams who sign up.