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OBDSFL is a Charter Standard League

  • 02/07/19
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Orpington and Bromley District Sunday Football League has become the first Kent FA affiliated Sunday Adult League to achieve The FA’s prestigious Charter Standard League status.

Orpington and Bromley District Sunday Football League has become the newest Kent FA affiliated adult league at to achieve The FA’s prestigious Charter Standard league status.
An ambitious committee coupled with support from Kent FA and all of the clubs who hold membership in the OBDSFL has led to this success.
Kent FA spoke with League Secretary Philip Cheverton who was very pleased with the committee’s hard work and the member clubs who have also worked very hard to make this happen.
“The league has had this in our development plan for a while but this last season, we all have worked very hard to achieve the status. Part of the success is owed to the appointment of a Charter Standard Coordinator who has kept the momentum going.
We have also run league funded first aid courses to support clubs to become accredited, the success of these have increased the clubs buy-in to the plans.
Overall, the League has set a new standard for member clubs which we hope will reflect hard work, raise the profile of the league and also represents the efforts of the clubs.
The league has had another good season and Philip had this to say on the growth of new teams,
“The league’s quality is being shown through the high demand by new clubs to enter the League and by the amount of clubs that are adding teams and continuing to enjoy football with us, equating to over twenty new teams across our reformed 7 divisions.”
Kent FA has worked to support the league and Football Development Officer Jack Jacobs was also a driving force behind the leagues new achievement.
Jack commented “The Leagues committee has worked tirelessly to reach this standard along with all of the member clubs sharing the vision, it’s great to see a Committee invest in the clubs the way the OBDSFL have. Congratulations to the league and we here at Kent FA look forward to supporting their development in the future.”
League Charter Standard coordinator Robert Potts commented on the leagues achievement,
“We have been working towards this for a while now; it’s great to finally have recognition for the clubs and the Leagues efforts in raising the standard in open aged Football in our community.
One of the perceived challenges would be getting clubs on board but they have all got behind the vision of the League. This only represents what a great group of clubs we have and sets the bar for new clubs looking to join the league.”
Kent FA would like to congratulate the League and its clubs for all of their achievements this season.