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BYSL Forms + Guidance

  • 01/09/18
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Useful forms for sending information to the league + weekly routine

Free week requests - 4 weeks notice required

At 5pm Fulltime sends out a reminder of your fixtures for the next 2 weeks. If you don’t have a fixture for a Saturday you should not assume this won’t change. Unless you have been granted a free week you may have a fixture added which you will be expected to fulfil.
The deadline for the league to add a fixture is 9pm on the Monday before
You should have contacted your opponent (and if you are the home team the referee) by 9pm. If you send a text or leave a message ensure you get a response before the weekend
Tuesday is our deadline for registering players for the coming Saturday. We do usually process late applications, but we cannot guarantee they will be processed in time.
If your opponent hasn’t been in touch, do remember that even the best of us forget things from time to time. Give them the benefit of the doubt and remind them. In most cases you know each other well enough just to turn up anyway.
-Remember you need your printed out teamsheet at all fixtures. Online copies are acceptable if readable
-For league games the home team is responsible for making payment to the referee promptly at the end of the game. (U13/14 £20 U15/16 £23 U18 £25)
-For Cup and Shield games the teams share the cost of the referee and any other appointed officials.
-Shortly after your game starts both teams will receive a text from Fulltime. Within 2 hours of the final whistle you should reply with the result. You only need to send the score with the home team score first. i.e. 2-1 1-4 or 2-2 (no extra text is required unless you report more than one team)
If you make a mistake, reply to the text again but try and check first with the referee to avoid disagreements.
No later than Wednesday night after the game you need to log into Fulltime and record your match statistics. There are 3 parts to this.
1. FA questions
The way officials are marked has changed. Instead of a single mark out of 100 the marking is now split into 3 parts. Guidance is available in a link on that page.
Decision making (out of 40) Major decisions (out of 30) Overall Control (out of 30). If you’re total mark is 60 or lower then you need to give your reasons.

The respect marks replace the previous score out of 10 and are to record the overall behaviour on and off the field.

The final part is to rate the quality of the pitch and is self explanatory
2. League Questions
We check that teams sheets were checked and that a respect barrier was used. You can also write a quick note about anything you feel we should know about (or for your records)
3. Player Statistics
It is compulsory to record which players took part in the fixture by placing a tick in the either of the first 2 columns. Everything else is optional and for your records if you wish to keep a record for the season.

In youth football goal difference or goals scored cannot be used to determine placings so there is no advantage in winning 9-0 over 1-0. Big winning margins damage the league in the long run as teams end up dropping out so please have respect for your opponent if you find yourself in a one-sided game.

You must give 4 weeks notice for a free week request. There are exceptions for school activities which are detailed in our league rules.

Arrangements for County Cups are different to league fixtures though you must complete the online information in addition to any county FA requirements. It’s your responsibility to be familiar with their rules.

Referee appointments for our league are made by Mike Desborough at Bedfordshire FA. All available referees are appointed each week and an extra request is sent out to ALL referees in the county on Wednesday / Thursday each week asking if they want to cover the free games on the Saturday. Let me assure you that nobody works harder to try and get a referee at every game. Give him more time to find referees by not emailing pointing out what he already knows!

Even if you have found your own referee the appointed referee on fulltime must take preference.
If Fulltime changes to CLUB REFEREE it is regrettably almost certain no referee will be appointed. Responsibility lies with both teams to agree on a referee so please liaise with your opponent. Games cannot be postponed for this reason.

Free Week request (pdf) - Download / Open

Free week request (word) - Download / Open

Weekly Routine - Download / Open