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FullTime Use Guide - Teams

  • 25/07/12
  • By Colin Hakin
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All teams are now required to input team sheet statistics online following a game. The user guide on how to do this, along with the Text Result Guide, is available on the link below.

Commencing season 2012/13 it is a requirement for all teams Managers to input team sheet statistics online into FullTime.

It's a fairly simple process and each team has been allocated a username and password (sent in a separate email).

Our requirements are for you to input Referee Marks, Sporting/Respect Marks for the opposition, starting line up, substitutes (used/not used) and goal scorers. If you wish to add more detail such as Captain, Player of the Match etc then that choice is yours and I'm sure you will benefit if you do.

These statistics are then available to view online and make a great prompt for you at your end of season presentations.

FullTime User Guide - Download / Open