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Free week requests

  • 21/09/15
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Advice on free week requests PLEASE READ - Click here

All clubs are asked to review the attached exert from the league rules.

Please note our League rules state the following regarding free weekend requests.

10 (E) A minimum of 8 players will constitute a team for a competition match

10 (F) (i) Home and away matches shall be played. In the event of a Club failing to keep its engagement the Management Committee shall have power to inflict a fine not exceeding £20, deduct points from the defaulting Club, award the points from the match in question to the opponents, order the defaulting Club to pay any expenses incurred by the opponents or otherwise deal with them except the award of goals. Notwithstanding the foregoing home and away provision, the Management Committee shall have power to order a match to be played on a neutral ground or on the opponent's ground if they are satisfied that such action is warranted by the circumstances.

(iii) Any club unable to fulfil a fixture or where a fixture has been postponed for any reason must, without delay, give notice to the Fixtures Secretary, the Competition Referees Appointments Secretary, the Secretary of the opposing Club and the match officials. Any Club failing to comply shall be dealt with by the Management Committee who may inflict a fine.

(J) Free weeks – Each Team may apply for a maximum of 2 Free Weeks prior to the 28th February in the current playing season. Applications must be made using the Free Week Request form to the Fixture Secretary giving four weeks notice of the Date required. Any Free Weeks applied for over and above this will be at the discretion of the Management Committee.

(K) Mutually agreed postponements – Teams involved in a fixture may apply to rearrange a maximum of 2 games prior to the 28th February in the current season. Four weeks’ notice is required and applications must be made to the Fixture Secretary in writing stating a proposed revised fixture date which MUST be adhered to if agreed by the Fixture Secretary. Prior to applying to the Fixture Secretary teams must mutually agree a revised fixture date which does not interfere with fixtures already planned.

Competitions involving players in full-time secondary education.

(Q) (i) Priority must be given at all times to school and school organisations activities. This is not applicable for under 17/18 football. [Management Committee Rule Application: Consideration for postponements will be given where notice is given to the League more than 7 days in advance and with supporting documentation of the activity from the school only where a team is reduced to 10 players or fewer. Teams are reminded of Rule 10.E]

Please note that as a League we try to ensure through League fixtures, cup or shield fixtures and County Cup (U14/16/18) that all teams get to play sufficiently throughout the season, however capacity must be left in the season for adverse weather that leads to postponement of matches. Significant postponements will impact the ability for the season to be completed and therefore this process will be robustly enforced to ensure the division is completed.

Paul Lowe
Fixtures Secretary

Free week request form (pdf) - Download / Open

Free week request form (doc) - Download / Open