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14th to 20th November

  • 03/11/11
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Anti-Bullying Week 2011

Anti-Bullying Week 2011 Safeguarding Children
Anti-bullying week takes place this year from the 14th to the 20th November.Several anti-bullying and children’s organisations have joined forces to publicise this year’s event which concentrates on the issue of verbal bullying. Under the phrase “Stop and think – words can hurt” we are asking children to consider just how hurtful and even devastating the repetition of nasty comments can be.

Lancashire Football Association is very proud to support this initiative given that statistically we have to accept that bullying will take place within our football environment. We are involved in a highly competitive sport where there will always be winners and losers. Sadly on occasions those factors are exploited by bullies and some children become their victims purely because of a football result, or some perceived weakness or mistake during a game.

We would like to use this week to ask coaches to carefully consider what they say to young players and when. It is easy in the immediate aftermath of an unpalatable defeat to lay the blame at the door of one particular player. These comments may not be intended to have repercussions but can be ruthlessly exaggerated and distorted by those with a bullying disposition. If you feel angry after a game then why hold a post mortem? Let the players go home. You go home. Spend a couple of days analysing what lessons need to be learned and then use your next training session to transmit these thoughts diplomatically and inclusively.

Clubs with websites can promote Anti-Bullying Week by placing the link to the Anti-bullying Alliance site on your homepage.

This website will educate and inform both your players and parents and offers resources that might also be useful to your club in the future.

As part of our commitment to this drive, Lancashire FA would like to launch a poster competition for all junior players in Lancashire.

We would like as many players as possible, irrespective of age group to draft a poster with the theme “Words Can Hurt” in a football context. Posters of any size should be sent to Lancashire Football Association c/o Neil A Yates.

Ages of participants will be taken into consideration. The creator of the winning poster will receive a football-related prize and their poster will be published in the County FA's magazine, and in the main reception at The County Ground. We urge all secretaries and club welfare officers to encourage your children to show us their artistic creativity in this worthy cause. The closing date for applications is December 9th 2011. Good luck.