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Photographs at matches

  • 16/08/20
Football image

Part of the FA guidlines regarding taking photographs at matches. For the full guidence go to the FA website.

It’s not an offence to take appropriate photographs or film footage in a public place even if asked not to do so; • No-one has the right to decide who can and cannot take photos or film on public land; • If you have serious concerns about a possible child protection issue relating to the taking of photos or film footage then call the Police. This action should only be taken where you believe that someone may be acting unlawfully or putting a child at risk;• The land or facility owner can decide whether or not photography and or filming at football activities will be permitted when carried out on private land. However you need to make this known before allowing individuals access to the private property. If they do not comply then you may request they leave;• Try not to use photos or film footage that include individuals wearing jewellery (as wearing jewellery whilst playing is contrary to the Laws of the Game as well as being a health and safety issue);• That swimming as a social activity for football clubs presents a higher risk for potential misuse than football, so photos or film footage should:–Focus on the activity rather than a particular child;–Avoid showing the full face and body of a child – instead show children in the water, or from the waist or shoulders up;–Avoid photos and camera angles that may be more prone to misinterpretation or misuse than others.If you are concerned about the inappropriate use of photos of film footage please report this to your County FA Designated Safeguarding Officer or to The FA Safeguarding Team via