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N.N.Y.F.League Cup and T.C.results

  • 09/05/16
  • By Ted Harris N N Y F League Fixture Sec
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League Cup and T.C. results

UInder 8s Group "A" T.C. Winner:Warriors Raiders
Under 8s Group "B" T.C.Winner: Warriors Knights
Under 9s T.C.Winner: Warriors
Under 10s Group "A" T.C. Winner: Southwell City Cougars
Under 10s Group "B" T.C. Winner: Newark Town trojans
Under 11s Group "A" T.C. Winner: Collingham Lions
Under 11s Group "B" T.C.Winner: Bottesford
Under 12s Div i League Cup Winners: Collingham Lions
Under 12s Div 2 League Cup Winners: Long Bennington
Under 13s League Cup Winners: Collingham Leopards