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  • 28/03/20
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Due to the unprecedented times we found ourselves in with the Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) Virus the LMC ordered the season to be concluded by expunging all fixtures and results.

Dear All
I am sure you will now all be well aware that the Football Association have made rulings regarding the 2019/20 season and for Grassroots football is to be concluded. In response to this Devon County FA, who are our sanctioning body offered the league some guidance on options to consider. The League has autonomy to make the final decision on how the league will conclude but within this and working closely with Devon FA we requested their support on our decision too.
This support was given and the following has the fully backing of Devon County FA.
Firstly, before I explain the decision, I just want to take a moment to thank ALL our member clubs, their officers & players as well as our pool of local match officials for all their efforts and understanding in what has been the most trying season on record. In these unprecedented times we thank everyone involved in local football.
Secondly, to the teams, managers & supporters of those who were looking forward to a cup final and those teams who were on the hunt for their divisional title, the fact you have been denied a chance to secure honours on the pitch is both bitterly disappointing and very regrettable indeed. I know this maybe no consolation to you but I can assure you this is being felt by all right up to and including the League Management Committee.
After an emergency online meeting on Thursday evening the LMC of the North Devon Football League ratified the following by unanimous decision and has the full backing of Devon County FA.
• All results & fixtures have been expunged from the season 2019/20. This is the cleanest way to close the season as most divisions had not completed 50% of its fixtures.
• I have a copy of all the current tables, the reason for this is I will be looking into the point per game (PPG) system to identify teams ready to restructure the divisions in preparation for the 2020/21 season. We need to restructure our divisions due to the current membership of the senior division. This is the only fairest way to judge standings based on results the teams have achieved on the pitch. Nothing will be ratified until all 20/21 season applications are in and confirmed plus the addition of any new teams/clubs.
• To support all our current teams, we will be offering each team FREE entry into the 20/21 season (entry includes League Cup too).
• As for the LMC, we will not meet now until the 7th May were we will be looking at Rule Revisions. June 4th will be for updates and finalising the preparations for the 20/21 season and finally July 2nd for the Annual General Meeting.
In what has become one of the strangest experiences we all find ourselves in, I am sure many of you will agree that football, albeit one of our biggest passions in life, has to take a back seat to making sure we all stay safe and healthy in these trying times.
We would like to send out best wishes to everyone within our football family, their love ones, family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. We will as a community get through these extraordinary times that we find ourselves in and we will come out the other side, stronger & together more than we ever have been.

Stay Safe & Healthy

Mick Tattersall
League Secretary
On behalf of the North Devon Football League