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  • 03/07/23
  • By ACYL news
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The Allied Counties Youth League is planning for the future

The Allied Counties Youth League is planning for the future. We are inviting applications/enquiries from new/old clubs interested in joining our league at the start of 2024-2025
We are a floodlit league with clubs spanning Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Middlesex and Surrey. After careful and prudent management over many years we have kept our annual fees to a low level, in fact we have kept them at the same level now for 7 years. Our present fees are a £60 initial entry fee, a £50 deposit and annual subscription of £160 (this includes 30 Registration Forms and entry to the League Cup competition).
New clubs applying to join the competition must be connected to and playing under the name of the parent club who must be level 5 at the minimum. This must be in the current feeder system and have its own ground equipped with floodlights or written permission to use the facilities at the ground of another Club within the feeder system.
Level 6 clubs who have their own facilities and not used in a ground sharing arrangement and that meet the requirements (of Grade F) and have an acceptable youth policy may apply to the league. The applying club shall be inspected by a minimum of 3 committee members who can recommend to member clubs that they are considered for league membership or reject the application where the facilities do not meet those required by the league.
For more information or to make an application please contact our General Secretary: Alan King at