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Over 50 Respect

  • 02/09/16
  • By Nick Brown
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FA Respect

Added incentive for sporting behaviour

For the first time this season we are implementing some new changes influenced by the FA Respect campaign. These will include;

The Respect handshake is mandatory at all matches
Team sheets will now include additional sections where both teams can comment and score the match for sporting behaviour, enjoyment etc plus scoring the referee's performance. In addition the referee will score both teams on their sporting behaviour etc.

At the end of the season a reward will be given to the team with the highest average score. Optimum Sports massage have generously donated a free massage for one player for the side winning the Fair Play award. There will also be a reward for the referee with the highest average score (minimum of 3 matches).

Whilst we already pride ourselves on our teams sporting behaviour hopefully this will add an extra incentive to improve even more.

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