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ELFC Season 2019/20 Cancelled

  • 06/12/16
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Message from our League Secretary Michael Gamble follows:-

Dear Clubs,

The expression 'these are exceptional times and circumstances' is now beginning to hit home as the majority of us are being asked to stay at home.
On a sporting front, the news each day continues to tell us of major events being cancelled or postponed as there are more important things happening in the world.

We don't want to add more uncertainty to your life, so after numerous difficult discussions, we, as a Management Committee have agreed to cancel the season immediately.

As the season is cancelled there will be no completion of fixtures - in both League and Cups.

League and Cup competitions are Null & Void with no champion or relegation - but, as in previous seasons, clubs will be asked which Division they would like to play in next season.

Outgoings for this season (including the purchase of medals etc) are the same as any other one - but our Cup Final revenue will be zero.
We will be running at a loss for the season but all we ask of you is to pay 80% of your End of Season Bill.
If this can be paid by April 11th that would be great - if you are having financial difficulties or have a problem with cheque signing -please contact me so we can agree a 'plan' of payment.

To conclude the administration of the season we need to finalise a number of things - I'm not sure if we will be able to meet for our AGM - but we still need to prepare for next season and I will send out another email in due course.

These are difficult and uncertain times and I hope you, your family and friends are staying safe.