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  • 17/08/18
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Here you will find helpful information relating to Safeguarding

Safeguarding and You

Many don't realise that despite the Trelawny League being an "Open-Aged" League, more commonly known as a "mens" League - We have player's and volunteers within our teams that are not classed as men in the eye of the law.

There are 16-18 years olds actively playing football in our League on a daily basis. These young lads are classed as children and the appropriate measures MUST be adopted around them.

Your Club, volunteers and players have a LEGAL obligation to keep these guys safe. If you fail to do that, you are breaking the law.

It is not uncommon for dressing room "banter" to be taken too far - unlike years ago when a slap on the butt or a kiss would have been accepted by almost everyone in the changing room, on the field or in the clubhouse, times have changed and this is now classed as assault.

There have been a number of high profile cases highlighted over the past few years which relate to child abuse - some even going as far to be classified as sexual abuse. Do you know how to spot it? Some of these cases have been where a player in the 16-18 age category has had his genitals grabbed during a goal celebration; a player was also told to run around a field naked as part of an initiation process. There has also been a surprising number of sexual assaults taking place.

It is your obligation and legal requirement as a club, player, volunteer etc to report anything that may constitute a safeguarding issue.

The question is... Do you know who your safeguarding Officer(s) is/are at your club/League/County?

The Trelawny League will be issuing a Child Protection Policy shortly aswell as updating our Full Time File Library to include all of the information you need to know about Safeguarding. Please take note.

If you have any cause for concern regarding anything I have said above, please contact us so we can advise - we will then put you in touch with the relevant people.

For more information on the FA's Safeguarding Policy, please visit the link provided.

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