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  • 06/09/16
  • By WRCFA
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1. Qualification of Players
I. Players need to be registered via Whole Game System and approved by The League prior to them playing in a fixture. Whole Game System and Full-Time are now synchronised, so when clicking on the fixture within Full-Time, the list of registered and available players for the fixture will be shown. As always, if you need any assistance with this, please let me know.
II. An Under 21 player is one that has reached the age of sixteen (16) and is aged twenty (20) or under as of the 31st August 2016.
III. An overage player is one that is aged twenty-one (21) or over as of 31st August 2016.
IV. Teams in ALL divisions can field up to three (3) overage players in each match-day squad of 16.
V. There is no upper age limit for overage players.
VI. There is no limit to the number of players (U21 & Overage) that teams can register.

2. Overseas Players
I. It is the responsibility of each Club to ensure that any Player signing a registration form for that Club has, where necessary, the required International Transfer Certificate. Clearance is required for any Player aged 10 and over crossing borders including Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

3. Match Day Procedures
I. Prior to the game please confirm the fixture with the opposition. The list of Club Contacts (and kit colours) available on the website.
II. Before kick-off each team must complete the League carbon-copy match report form (These were distributed at the League meeting)
a. White copy retained by the Club
b. Yellow copy handed to the opposition
c. Blue copy handed to the referee
III. Using the carbon-copy match report form you are permitted to register up to two (2) players prior to kick-off. The form must be countersigned by the referee or opposition club official. A copy of this form must then be provided to the League within 2 days of the game.
IV. Following the fixture, the club is required to:
a. update the team sheet on Full-Time showing (as a minimum) players, named substitutes and goalscorers. (If you do not have a login to Full-Time or haven’t received the email invite to gain access please let me know). A guide to match reporting on Full-Time is available on the website.
b. Text the match result using the automated messaging service (your nominated team officials will receive a text during the fixture with instructions on what/how to reply)

4. Fixtures
I. All matches in the Premier Division shall a have duration of 90 minutes
II. All matches played in the Central Venue Divisions shall have a duration of 70 minutes

5. Referee Payments
I. In the Premier Division, the Home Club shall pay the Officials their Fees inclusive of expenses before/ immediately after the match.
II. In all other Divisions, each Club competing in the fixture shall pay half of the Fees inclusive of expenses (£10) to the referee before/ immediately after the match.

6. Team Contacts & Colours
I. A list of team contacts and colours is attached. Please ensure that your club details are correct and let me know of any additions / alterations.

7. Venues
I. Venue addresses with a map link are on Full-Time and shown within the fixture details.
II. All venues in Divisions 1 & 2 are 3G Artificial Grass surfaces.