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Calling The Local Football Community

  • 01/02/11
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Josh Boggi

Helping Each Other - Please Read!!!



Josh Boggi has played for Taplow United for 9 years and has been the regular 1st X1 goalkeeper for many years. He is only 24 years old.

Josh's career outside football is with the British Army and he has undertaken a number of tours of duty in difficult locations. Unfortunately, on his 3rd tour of Afghanistan, Josh was very severely injured on Dec 31st 2010. He has had severe and life changing injuries. He is currently in a critical situation in hospital. Whilst his participation in football and a combat Military career have ended abruptly, his life must continue.

Josh has a partner and a young son, who at the time of this incident was just 2 months old. Josh will have an extremely long period of recovery and he and his family will no doubt have to undertake some major changes just to cope and manage with life. Some of these will be personal, mental and physical; others will be financial. Whichever way you approach this, it will be extremely difficult.

We at Taplow United are very proud of Josh and are proud to support him and his family in whatever way we can.

We hope that you; as part of the football community; will be willing to assist us and add a contribution to this support fund for him and his family. Remember, Josh put his life on the line to help protect us. Please do not hesitate till another time; Josh and his family need our support now and long into the future.

On behalf of Josh and his family, thank you for your contribution.

Thank you for taking the time to read this - if you wish to help and are able please visit where you will be able to donate. This could be any one of our boys.

All at Slough Soccer Combination wish Josh well.