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  • 27/08/10
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Slough LFP Website Launched

We are pleased to announce that the Slough LFP website was launched last week. The Slough Local Football Partnership (LFP) was established in Feb 2010. The aim of the group is to provide a strategic overview of football and facility development within the borough through the adoption of a development plan to include player pathways, workforce development, activities in the community. The plan will be clear on the allocation of responsibilities to members of the Partnership for the achievement of the Plan.

To engage the CFA, local authorities, schools, clubs, FITC, ESFA and any other agencies / partners involved in football development in order to avoid duplication and maximise the opportunity to increase football participation from all sections of the community. Assisting The County FA’s in the drawing up and implementation of County Facility and Development Plans linking into national FA strategies.

Please visit for all the latest on Football Development within Slough.
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