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January Memo

  • 22/01/17
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Please see a quick update with issues that have arose during January. Click to view.

- U12 Cup competitions, as per rule book home team pays for the referee.
- All games will be two equal halves. No game should be played as quarters.
- There are no postponements within the league except for school activities. Any team unable to play a fixture please note there may be a fine of up to £20 per fixture.
- Teams are reminded that you must seek permission prior to entering any outside tournament. Failure to do so may incur a fine of up to £100.
- All rules are in the league handbook which every manager for every team should have a copy of. If not there is an electronic copy available on the Gradely Sports website.
- Teams are able to change the kick off time but not the fixture date. You must agree with the away team and complete the form if you wish to change kick off times.
- Respect nominations form is on the Gradely Sports website.
- Please ensure all fixture queries are sent in via and this allows a number of people to deal with your query.
- Teams are reminded to speak with your secretary first prior to contacting league officials.
- The league have no control over private pitches. If the pitch has been called off by the ground staff we cannot overrule them.
- There are no more transfers allowed. The window closed midnight 31st December.
- If a player has previously played in a Trophy Event or Cup game with another team they they are cup tied for any future games.