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Match Forms

  • 31/08/11
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Standard documents to be used

The attached forms should be used by all SRWFL Teams on Match Days.

We have moved away from the match pads that we used to send out to Clubs to move towards more electronic methods of submitting match details. We have also removed the Assessment of Referee Form and replaced this with a simpler reporting mechanism. Within the team sheet there is a space for the referee name in Section One, and for their county of affiliation and mark in Section Two. These must be populated so we can provide Referees marks to the Counties.

Team Sheet - This is to be completed ahead of the match (Section One) by BOTH teams and viewed by both your opposition and the referee for each match. There are no carbon copies, so after the match please complete Section Two (including the Referees Marks) and then keep a copy for yourself. You can either post the form to Phil Blakey or scan it in and email it to him. Instructions are at the bottom.

The Referees Report form - This is for the Referee and the form should be provided to the Referee by the HOME TEAM. The referee should complete the form as fully as possible, in particular with details of cautions and red cards, as we will use this paperwork to help you manage your match based suspensions. The Referee can either send the completed form to Phil as per the instructions at the bottom, or they can pass the form back to the Home team to submit with their other paperwork.

Match Postponement Form - Please use this form and submit it to Phil instead of your Team Sheet if your match is postponed for any reason.

Teams not submitting their paperwork within the timescales in the rules (i.e. within 2 working days of the match) then there is an instant fine of £15.00 per item that is missing.

Team Sheet - Download / Open

Referees Report Form - Download / Open

Match Postponement Form - Download / Open