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Notice of AGM

  • 20/05/15
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14 June 2015 @ 4pm at Prudential, IBIS Club, Reading

The league AGM will be held on 14 June 2015. It will commence at 4pm and all continuing member clubs are required to attend. Failure to send a representative will result in a £50.00 fine.

It is important that each team sends a rep as we cover important topics and go through key changes to the League such as rule changes, and the new league constitution. Your voting on these items is crucial as it is YOUR league.

All clubs can send 2 reps and they must be able to vote on matters for the club they represent. They should also be passed all the information that is sent out ahead of the meeting.

The formal accounts, reports, rule changes, etc will be issued 14 days before the meeting from Jackie Batten, League Secretary.