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  • 27/01/15
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1. The Cup shall be called The Pat Sowden Trophy for the Premiere Division and The Soccer World Cup for the Eastern and Western Divisions. There will be no entry fee.

2. The Cup is the property of The South West Woman’s Football League.

When the winning Club shall have been ascertained, the League shall deliver the Cup to such Club, which shall be responsible for its return to the League on or before the first day in March in the ensuing year in good order and condition.

Should the Cup be lost, destroyed or damaged by fire or any other cause whilst under the care or custody of the Club the latter shall refund to the League the amount of its current insured value or the cost of thorough repair in addition to any other penalty which the Management Committee may impose.

3. In addition to the Cup, the League shall present medals to the players and substitutes in the Final Tie. When a player taking part is ordered to leave the field of play for misconduct, the medal to which she may be entitled may be withheld at the discretion of the Management Committee.

4. The League Cups may be competed for by all Clubs competing in The South West Womens League.

5. Only players registered for a Club shall be eligible to play for that Club in any one season. A player shall not play for more than one Club in the League Cup Competition during any one season except in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Management Committee.

6. If a match is postponed only the players eligible for the tie on the said date will be eligible to play in the rescheduled tie (except those players returning from suspension).

No player shall be eligible to play in the final tie unless she was eligible to play on the originally scheduled date of the semi-final.

Additionally in the semi-final and final of this competition all players must have played a minimum of three of our league and/or cup matches for their team.

7. The Competition may be played on a “knock-out” basis. The ties shall be drawn at a Management Committee meeting. In each tie the game shall be played on the ground of the Club first drawn, unless otherwise mutually arranged, and the consent of the Management Committee is obtained.

In all rounds, including the Final, 90 minutes must be played in all matches. If the teams are level after 90 minutes, an extra 15 minutes each way is to be played. If the scores are level after extra time has been played the tie shall be determined by the taking of penalty kicks, in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

If any tie has not been played by the date of the next scheduled round, the cup sub-committee may, at their discretion, eliminate the defaulting club(s) from the competition.

8. All matches in this Competition shall be played in accordance with the rules and regulations of The Football Association and the Laws of the Game.

9. Any club playing an ineligible player will be disqualified and their opponents will progress to the next round.

If both clubs play an ineligible player then both clubs will be disqualified.

10. In the semi-final of this competition the home club shall be responsible for appointing an independent registered referee and two independent registered referees to act as assistant referees.

Additionally in the semi-final and final of this competition the Referees’ Appointment Secretary shall appoint a fourth official. All officials in the semi-final and final and their expenses will be paid by the competition.

11. The top eight of the current Premier Division teams, (based on their position in the Woman’s Pyramid of Football in the previous season) will be exempt until the round of the last 16.

12. Subject to the preceding rules, the rules of the South West Woman’s Football Woman’s League shall apply.

13. Any club withdrawing from the competition or failing to fulfill a fixture in the knock-out stages, may be fined up to £50 and debarred from the competition in future seasons.