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  • 19/09/21
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Please see below our initial observations following our first day using the new website.


1. If using the FA Match Day App to update the score throughout the match you must tick as “Latest Score”.

If not, then each time you update the score, it is being sent through to our admin system as a Full Time Result. Today we have had several high scoring games, and the Full Time Result was updated as many as 11 times!

2. If you have set the Match Day App to “Latest Score”, you will need to untick this at the completion of the match.

We currently have numerous scores which have not been processed because the system still thinks that the result is “Latest”.

3. At the end of the match YOU MUST agree the score with the opposition manager before leaving the pitch. We are already seeing discrepancies on the system when different scores are being entered by each team.

4. RESULTS UNDER 7 – UNDER 10. Please note that at these age groups you will not be receiving texts, therefore results will need to be entered directly onto Full-Time or the Match Day app.

5. SMS RESULTS UNDER 11 upwards. If you did not receive a text today, can you please check that the Whole Game System has the correct information entered.

6. SMS Results. We are seeing a few failed attempts at sending through the SMS results. Please follow the instructions on the text that you have received. In most circumstances, you only need to send through the result eg: 1-2.

7. When completing the Result Card information, please take the opportunity to ensure that the result is showing/correct. We have had result cards completed but the result was missing from the fixture.

8. When completing the Result Card information, a lot of teams are correctly filling in the FA tab, and the Player statistics but are failing to fill in the League Marks tab. This is where you need to complete the 3 Fair Play Marks for the opposition, please ensure all information is complete.

9. If your Fair Play Mark totals less than 60 you will need to submit a report to your Age Group Secretary for Mini-Soccer, or the League Administrator.