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Match Report Forms 2017/18

  • 21/08/16
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BOTH Managers to complete a form. This form needs to be emailed FULLY completed within 4 days of the match. Results MUST be submitted via FULL TIME SMS/Text by 6 PM on the day of match.

Managers are responsible for the form being fully completed any errors or omissions you will be fined, you will be held to account even for Referee omissions so ensure they fully complete and sign both forms before they depart.
If you click under the Division or Home/Away you can select relevant to you.
These forms to make it easier can be mostly completed prior to match, EXCEPT where signatures are required off players/managers and Referee's these must be done on the day.
If your game is called OFF by the Referee they need to complete their section of the HOME teams form including the reason.
You will get a test off FULL TIME on the morning of the match to which you need to reply with the result. Replies to FA FULL time must ONLY include the score if the home teams wins 2-1 both managers reply 2-1 home team score is always first, NO other comments. If a game is postponed then P-P and after a space you can put the reason why. No other functions to be used other than result, P-P.

SGWFL Match Result Form - Download / Open