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2017 Futsal Fixtures

  • 04/01/17
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9 AM - 5 PM Shrewsbury Sports Village 21st January to 11th March 2017.

Dear Clubs/Managers.
Please note the important changes and share with all concerned.
Today at futsal I was made aware by The Sports Village that we cannot have any pitches for our futsal on the 11th February between 9 AM – 1 PM, so for the U8 Div 1, U Prem & U10 Div 1 ONLY you will have NO FUTSAL FIXTURES ON THIS DATE, the U10 Prem and U16 will continue as normal.
As you can imagine I’m not impressed as spent many hours juggling the fixtures to again spend many hours tonight on top of being at the futsal all day to try and sort an alternative way of getting the lost fixtures played. The only alternative I could come up with which is not great, but would be grateful if you could work with me is as follows:
They had no more free Saturdays to add on at the end and could only give us the other side of the sports hall on the 4th March between 1 – 5 so to this end I have added the fixtures lost from the 11th Feb in to this slot as best I could, it’s not ideal and may cause some toing and froing but overall the girls will not lose out.
The revised fixtures slots have been added to FULL TIME and if you look under the 4th March Special Fixtures TAB it will show the normal schedule for the 4th shown as Pitch 1 and alongside the fixtures and times of planned games for those lost shown as Pitch 2.
If you have a good luck through these revised schedules for the lost games and if you feel you cannot make these additions let me know as I will refund your £10 and the game will be shown as a 2-0 win to the team that could play, if both teams cannot play then the fixture will be shown as a draw.
Please don’t shoot the messenger as I have done everything to ensure you have had the fixtures in time, but due to factors way outside of my control a spanner get thrown in the works at very short notice.
Many Thanks as ever for your support and understanding.
As mentioned previously Winners & Runners Up of each division will get a Team Trophy, the winners only of the U8 & U10 division will play a final between each other at Futsal Finals day held a TCAT Sports Hall on the 22nd April. The winners of the U10 will go to the Regional Futsal Finals Representing Shropshire.
U12, U14 & U16 will have a Tournament held on either of the following dates TBC at TCAT 1st April and/or 8th April, the finals to these events will be held as above at TCAT on the 22nd April and winners also going through to represent Shropshire at the Regional Futsal Finals.
Comprehensive details of KO Times and Dates.Any Non Fulfilments will still be charged.Results will be recorded and updated afterwards.

NEW - Updated (12/2/2017) Fixture Schedule - Download / Open