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Pre Season Start Reminder

  • 01/09/10
  • By Wayne Hanson
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Important things to remember to ensure your club gets off to a good start.

Hi everyone,

Yes, the new season starts this coming weekend ! And here's your 5 point
reminder of basic things to do so you don't incur fines !!

1. Ring your opponents, (no later than Thursday for Saturday matches -
Friday evening for Sundays) and confirm your home venue (directions if
necessary) and colours

2. Ring your match referee (check the website to make sure you've got the
right one !) and confirm the fixture with him. DO NOT leave messages on
answer phones - if you are unable to contact him/her, ring Dave Taverner on
01905.724486 as a matter of urgency or myself if you can't get hold of Dave.

3. Home teams should ring their match result to me on
as soon after the match as possible (certainly no later than
5 pm. on Sunday afternoon.)
You are likely to encounter my answer phone, so
please speak clearly and give details of the main goal scorers and anything else
unusual in the match

4. Complete your match report form in block capitals and make sure
Ted receives it no later than the following Wednesday morning

5. Referee marks - e-mail them to me at this address, again no
later than the Wednesday following the match. If you are unable to access the
internet you may text marks to me at 07789.827809. Please remember to
give full details - i.e. which match, the date played, the referees full name
and the mark awarded. A reminder that a mark of 50 or less should be accompanied
by a detailed report giving your reasons. If you feel the need to do this,
please be constructive - I don't want to receive reports just saying that 'he
was c***' !

On the basis that everyone can be forgetful now and then, you will receive 'two
lives' when reporting results and referee marks. If you fail for a third time -
you will be fined !