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3G Pitches

  • 25/08/10
  • By Tim Phillips
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This notice is predominantly for any club that will play an away fixture with Hornets or Hornets Reserves

This notice is predominantly for any club that will play an away fixture with Hornets or Hornets Reserves this coming season.

Hornets F.C. have obtained the use of the 3G (Third generation) artificial surface at Pershore High School for their home matches this coming season and both the WFA and the Worcester League have sanctioned this. The purpose of this mail is to let opposition teams know what to expect when they play there.

A bit of history on 3G pitches - 3G Football surfaces, or Third Generation pitches as they are often referred to, are (as the name suggests), the next generation of football pitches, representing a new development in synthetic turf.

First of all came grass, then the second generation was astroturf, and now it's 3G.

3G pitches are more realistic than astroturf, yet safer than grass. 3G pitches generally have less bumps and holes so you're less likely to trip and get injured.

3G looks like natural grass with similiar playing characteristics, it's non-abrasive and this is the most important bit, it can be used with rounded, moulded studs or astro trainers, but there are two types of footwear that you cannot use - blades or metal studs !

Simply put, the ground provides a firmer grip and allows for better ball control. Pushing off, running, stopping or tackling are all possible without the risk of additional injury.

3G is not grass, but it's more sophisticated than astro turf. It's made from a mix of quartz sand and rubber granules which are layered into the pitch, which in turn provides effective protection and added shock absorption.

Third generation synthetic turf is the latest development in sports surfaces. The first generation are those filled with sand (particularly painful in the event of a fall or slide tackle), Second generation pitches are water based and are specifically designed for and used for hockey. The third generation pitch has a longer pile to the carpet (approx 50 mm) and is filled with granulated rubber (rubber crumb). It is ideal for pitch based sports such as Football and Rugby, gives a more natural ball bounce than the previous surfaces and has playing characteristics much more like natural turf.

The other obvious advantage of this surface is that you are more likely to be able to play on it in bad weather. It is undoubtedly the way forward and we are likely to see more of these surfaces crop up as time moves on - indeed the University of Worcester currently have a pitch under construction.

So there's nothing to be afraid of, the Hornets club have been asked to contact all their opposition during the season 7 days before the match to remind clubs that they will be playing on 3G. The big thing to remember please is - use footwear with rounded molded studs or astro trainers - strictly no blades or metal studs please !!

Because use of 3G  pitches is a new innovation, the County FA are keen to obtain feedback from teams that play on the surface. So if you have some constructive comments to make after you have played on this pitch, please drop me an e-mail and I'll forward it on to the County FA.

Any queries, then please give me a ring.