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Latest League News - Season 2012/13

  • 08/07/12
  • By Tim Phillips
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Edition 6 – Released 20th December 2012

Hello everyone,

This is probably the most depressing newsletter I've written since I became Secretary of the League three years ago. I'm about to bring you news of yet another club that has folded, a club that has been found guilty of probably the worst offence possible and a club that has missed the chance of playing in a final because they fielded an ineligible player. Also, you may or may not be aware that Registration Secretary, Ted Gerard-Thesingh has been in hospital for three weeks undergoing tests, and if that wasn't enough, news came through on Sunday that a third Worcester League player this season has suffered a broken leg and is in hospital - Good tidings I bring? - Not at the moment !!

First of all news that Wychbold RBL Reserves (Sunday Premier Division) have folded due to a lack of players. They are the eighth club we have lost since the Divisions were formulated at the AGM - five clubs folded in between the AGM and the start of the season and three further since the season started. This is a very worrying trend and we are not the only League in the County to have experienced withdrawals. Indeed, I'm told that this is a nationwide problem and not just peculiar to Worcestershire. This topic was discussed in detail at the WFA Leagues Forum last month and several reasons were put forward as to why teams are folding; -

Player apathy and lack of commitment including - no respect or help given to people running their clubs, picking and choosing from one week to the next whether they're going to play or not, not paying monies on time and not turning up for training.

Other reasons given included - a general lack of finance by both clubs and players, poor facilities, poor standard of football, time constraints with so many other things to do in life and pressure from wives and girl friends !

So what do you think ? Are there any other reasons why teams can't get players and are folding ? What can we as a League or the WFA do to arrest this trend ?
Please be kind enough to let me have your views on the matter and don't be frightened to speak out - it's YOUR League and we all need to work together to improve things - I look forward to hearing from you !

Malvern Rangers F.C. have been fined £150 and deducted 3 points for fielding an ineligible player and falsifying a team sheet.
Shocked? Probably not, because everyone knows it goes on from time to time - we're not naive enough to think every club is whiter than white when it comes to filling in team sheets correctly. However, as I said earlier, this is the worst offence possible because if we don't run a proper registration system for teams and allow a free for all, what's the point ? Malvern Rangers avoided a much heavier fine by holding their hands up and pleading guilty. Words of warning to everyone - play someone under another name and falsify a team sheet at your peril, because if you get caught - you will get hammered!!

Baylis Cup quarter-final result - St Georges 3 The Railway Train 13, so a semi-final tie v Arrow 2000 as a reward. Unfortunately not ,
because they played an ineligible player (not signed on 14 days before or played one match). There was no attempt to deceive here, purely an administration error, but because of the League's zero tolerance policy regarding ineligible players, there was no option but to expel them from the Cup. In normal circumstances, the losing team would have been re-instated, but we couldn't do that in this case because St Georges had folded a couple of weeks earlier ! So, Arrow 2000 get a walk-over into the final where they will play the winner of the semi-final between Worcester Raiders and the University of Worcester. Not satisfactory I know, but nothing else we could do.

Registration Secretary, Ted Gerard-Thesingh, has been in hospital for three weeks undergoing tests. As I write, Ted has actually returned home to await the result of these tests and I'm sure you'll join with me in wishing him a speedy recovery. His wife Jean has been 'holding the fort' during his illness and we have drafted in Andy Purslow (AFC West Midland Secretary and member of the League's 'Full-Time' sub-committee), to help out in Ted's absence. I would ask you all to keep calls to Ted's house to a minimum at the moment and if you have a burning question that needs answering, then get in touch with me.

Well they say things come in threes and if you read the League website, you'll have seen that a third Worcester League player has suffered a serious leg injury. Garibaldi goal keeper Dave Walker was the latest player to suffer a broken leg in an accidental collision with an opponent in their Sunday League Division 5 match with Worcester Rileys at the weekend. He joins Darren Faulkner (Sylla) and Dan Gillam (Worcester Lynx) in the treatment room and again, I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing all three players a speedy recovery and hope they are able to enjoy the Christmas festivities.

Well, I think that's enough doom and gloom for now - but as I look out the window it's hammering down again, river levels are rising and water is just lying on the already saturated ground. On behalf of the League Management Committee, may I wish all players and club officials a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Don't forget to let me have your thoughts on whatever topic you like and hopefully, we'll all look forward to better times (and weather !) in the New Year !!

Best wishes,

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