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Rule Changes

  • 27/08/19
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Breakdown of the LEAGUE rule changes that were approved at the AGM in July

Below are the rules changes that were approved at the AGM in July.

• In NSJYL Youth Football section all players must play at least half a game. Substitutes may be changed half-way through the first half. If no substitution takes place in the first half , then substitutes must be changed at half time to allow these players at least half a game, the exception being that if genuine injury occurs in the first half when an injured player is replaced by a substitute. If the injured player recovers later in the game he may return to the field of play, however this will only be at the discretion of the Referee, After half time the substitutions may be repetitive (ie; substituted player becomes a substitute & can return to the field of play) However the players who were substitutes in the first half must not be replaced, otherwise they would not play half a game which means a full &continuous half unless interrupted by injury, not 15 minutes in each half.
All substitutes must be rotated each game to ensure that all players have an equal amount of games during the season.
• Application for a Free week (a maximum of 2 during the season) must be submitted to the Fixture Secretary for his consideration at least 9 clear days before the fixture
• No Free Weeks or Late Postponements will be approved for Cup dates (All dates will be confirmed before the season starts) Any team failing to play will be charged for non-fulfillment and the game awarded to their opponents.
• There will be no Free Weeks granted for fixtures arranged after Easter Sunday, unless approved by the Management Committee.
• Note; If the home team’s ground is unfit for any reason the match must be reversed to their opponents ground if available. The deadline for arranging the game to be reversed is 5pm the Saturday evening before the game on Sunday

Please all note that referees fees have been aligned the same across all Branches. They are as follows:

£20 for U7's - 10's
£25 for U11's - U15's