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Withdrawal Of Davy Sports

  • 01/12/09
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See below for letter received from Davy Sports, All their results have now been expunged from the league.

I am writing to inform you of our regrettable decision to disband Davy's Sports. As such we will no longer be able to participate in the league.

The manager and I have not arrived at this decision lightly, the reasons is three-fold. Firstly from the previous season we lost 7 players. Secondly we have been struggling to recruit players who will provide a long-term commitment, as such we have signed 26 players this season. Finally with players coming and going it has been very hard for us raise sufficient funds to continue.

We are very sorry to have to come to this conclusion but the result on Saturday was the final nail in the coffin. If we were to try to play the game next Saturday we would only be able to get five or six players.