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Respect/Fair Play Marks

  • 09/09/15
  • By Nigel Howlett
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Revised Respect/Fair Play Marks for 2016-17 Season - I am pleased to say the majority of you are now filling them in after every game as requested. Following the procedures below we expect to make awards this season.

Those of you that were with us two seasons ago will be aware that we were unable to hand out our annual fair play awards. This was because the scoring was unbalanced by a number of teams who were failing to complete the required information after each fixture.

Thanks to the efforts of you all last season we were able to award these much sought after prizes once more by using the formula below.

In order to ensure we can make these awards again at the end of this season we need you to go onto Full Time and even if you do not enter your player statistics please enter a fair play mark for your opposition (which has now been revised to a score out of 5 to bring it into line with the Respect marks), and also Respect marks for each of the various categories after every game.

To prevent the problems with teams that do not enter marks any team that fails to enter a mark for their opposition will be scored a zero themselves and any team failing to enter a mark for three consecutative matches will not be considered for a fair play award at the end of the season.

The winners in each age group will be decided on an average score basis over the entire three mini seasons so every score will count and if your opposition does not give you a score this match will be excluded when the average score is calculated.