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Online Player Registration next stages

  • 23/07/17
  • By Steve Taylor
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What do I do next?

Have you data matched the player required? or created a new player if you can't find the player in the WGS.. have you completed all the details required?

Next step is to attach a photo to the players details.. then click the OFF LINE player consent box, (don't forget to use the template on this site to record all signatures) ... has the player ever played overseas? (thought not), so international clearance is not needed..this is more for the higher status leagues that use this system.... then click submit to League, this changes to League to registration pending on your WGS, once its approved at this end it will appear as Player Registered.. unless it's rejected for any reason.. we will let you know why it has been rejected, it may simply be a bad photo likeness

The player will then appear on Full Time in your team players list... repeat for all players.. don't forget to update the off-line consent form and email it to us and the print off the photo required for the wallets using the templates here on this full time website...